The Mission


Instead of the about page explaining what is this site about, I decided to lay down a few words about the purpose of website, the mission.

I decided to get on this mission that I am going to describe in a moment, to help others figure out their own way in life, and find the wealth and happiness because that’s all that matters.

For the last many years I have become an independent thinker and online marketer, meaning that I have built my own business, controlling my own life and not letting the life to┬ácontrol me. It was a hard and painful lesson but the best I could ever have at the same time because I don’t know where I would be and what I would do if I didn’t turn the way of an Entrepreneur. It’s incredible how much of time people waste on regretting mistakes and failures and barely learn from them.

I am sure that a lot of people heard the saying “There is no Success without Failure!”

And it’s true.

The ultimate success is how to quickly learn from mistakes and move on.

So the main purpose of Bone Eater here is to encourage others to learn and fail because that’s the fastest way up to success not just in business but in whole life.